For the last 7 years I’ve told hundreds of community stories in Africa. I bring the right nuances and perspectives to African stories in international newsrooms. International reporting requires me to do more with less, taking up news presenting, reporting, writing, editing, blogging, videography, live hits, and producing. I’ve filed stories for print, broadcast and social media. My work life has been defined by deadlines. I’m a critical thinker, asking why and why not, looking at multiple perspectives, digging beneath the surface, challenging conventional wisdom, discerning patterns, and finding context.

I founded Project Smile Africa in 2013 to address some of the issues I’ve reported on over the years.

I won the Xceptional Women in Media Awards in 2014 for my reporting on community development issues in Africa. I am a nominee of the Future Awards Africa 2017. I am an African beyond the borders.

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