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Cameroon Election: African state to vote amid security challenges

Cameroonians will also vote for their next president on Sunday. They’ll chose between the current leader Paul Biya and eight opposition candidates hoping to end his 36-year rule. But armed separatists have threatened to disrupt elections in the Anglophone regions, raising questions about safety during the polls. Adesewa Josh reports from the capital, Yaounde

Somalia aims to revive port with foreign investment

Somalia has been trying to encourage international investors to help rebuild the Port of Mogadishu. As Adesewa Joshreports, the plan may finally be paying off.

Cameroon Crisis: UN: More than 200,000 people displaced

Thousands of people have been displaced in Cameroon by a government crackdown on secessionists in English-speaking regions. Many of those people have ended up in Nigeria where the UN is providing food and shelter, but as Adesewa Josh reports from Yaounde, many of the displaced Cameroonians are still on their own. #Cameroon #IDP

Turkey’s Maarif Foundation takes over FETO schools in Somalia

Somalia’s government was the first to respond to Turkey’s call to hand over the schools two years ago. TRT World’s Adesewa Josh reports from the capital Mogadishu.

Surviving Boko Haram: rebuilding shattered lives

One of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups Boko Haram gained international notoriety when it kidnapped 276 school girls from Chibok town, Nigeria in 2014

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